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Welcome to Plugin Sponsors

The original site was home to the Sustainable Plugins Sponsorship Network, which came into existence to connect WordPress plugin developers with sponsors eager to support their work and eager to reach an audience of well-informed blog owners using their plugins. By providing a carefully secured, privacy-ensured and easily shut off method for delivering sponsors’ textual messages into the admin pages of developers’ plugins, we were able to support the WordPress plugin development community with thousands of dollars of additional support from sponsors.

We’re sorry to report, however, that Automattic doesn’t want plugin developers earning money that way.

Following a series of threats from Automattic, Inc. back in November 2011, we came to the decision to suspend our paid sponsorship system that had done so much to provide financial support for the WordPress developer community. All formerly participating plugins have long since been updated so as to remove the SPSN delivery code.

This premium domain is now available for purchase.

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